English Language Classes

We offer a whole new level of English learning to students of all ages. In order to produce critical thinkers competent in reasoning and multicultural social interactions we focus on communicating through speaking, reading and writing.

Our students learn how to present themselves with confidence both orally and through written communication, giving them a competitive edge for their future.

Our classes are all online with experienced language professionals 

We are hiring! Join our team of dedicated professionals providing English language classes to students across the world. Work from home, competitive pay, flexible hours and great support! Please send your resume to


The number one complaint we hear from both schools and employers, is that foreign students cannot write clear and concise emails, school reports and academic papers in English. 

Our focus on writing helps students avoid pitfalls and learn the skills they need to be successful writers in English.


Many English language learners can easily decode words and sound fluent when reading, but often we find they do not understand what they are reading.

Our courses help support students really learn how to comprehend what they read as well as critically think about what they read and convey understanding of the material.


Our classes are rich with opportunities to practice speaking and correctly pronouncing sounds and words. Oral presentations are assigned to help students practice oral skills they have learned in class.