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What does a Virtual Speech Session look like?

Updated: May 17, 2023

Children love playing games on the computer, so why not combine Speech Therapy with fun and motivating activities on the computer? By using computer "games" as a means to elicit vocabulary, articulation, social language...etc., Therapists are able to engage children in working towards their Speech and Language goals. Using the computer as a tool to administer Speech Therapy gives your therapist access to thousands (maybe even millions!) of online activities to engage your child no matter what their age or interest might be.

Speech and Language Therapy consists of many different and diverse activities that are chosen specifically with your child in mind. They may include interactive games to ellicit and encourage vocabulary, grammar or social language. Your child might have access to using the mouse and/or keyboard, or may interact using words, sentences or facial expressions.

Some sessions may simply be face to face screen time to demonstrate proper tongue placement for articulation or lip and tongue exercises to increase strength and coordination. Your child may thinks these are funny "making silly faces" games, but they are important exercises to facilitate proper pronunciation.

A session might be listening to a story and answering questions. Or even telling a story, working on memory and sequencing.

Sometimes parents may think their child is “just playing games.” This is not true, your Speech Therapist always has a skill they are teaching. Often these tasks are “hidden” in the form of a game. If you are not sure what goal they are working on, please ask your therapist!

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