Letting Go of Guilt Around Screen Time

Updated: Apr 7

We never thought we'd be stuck at home trying to help our children with school work as well as working from home - no easy task! Parents everywhere are exhausted and burned out, there is just so much stress - I won't even list the stressors, you know what they are :/

We see posts from overachieving parents about the amazing crafts they've been doing with their perfect kids and we feel badly that we are running around just trying to get our own work done, help the kids with theirs, and don't even mention the cooking and cleaning! Don't worry, 99.9% of us are right there with you.

Do you need a break? ...what am I saying, do you need a shower?? Let me give you some guilt free ways to keep your little guys occupied so you can sneak away just for a few minutes.

Let's start by letting go of the idea of reducing screen time, and start working on increasing the quality of the screen time. There are tons of educational shows and computer games out there. Use them!!



You can also feel good about letting your kids watch or play just about anything on or

Do some google searches and see what kind of fun educational games and shows you can find for your little ones, and then go take that shower!

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