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Virtual English Language Classes

A proven way for children to build, use, and expand REAL English communication skills

English as a Foreign Language

Experienced teachers bring lessons of real English communication.  Forget set scripts and memorization, our students learn to communicate naturally through discussion, presentation, and writing.

English for International Students

Many international students speak English at school, and their native language at home. Sometimes they need more support with the academic vocabulary and grammar they use in school in order to keep up with their peers  

For Younger Children

We integrate movement and engaging activities to keep young children focused and learning. Total Physical Response, or TPR, was created by American Psychologist Dr. James Asher and is based on how people learn their first language. When children acquire their native language, their parents are very physically involved in teaching that language. They demonstrate and instruct, and the child responds. Small children don’t speak at all, but they start with comprehending.


Therefore, we acquire our first language, rather than learn it as we do additional languages. TPR copies this process and creates a neural link between speech and action. This pairs movement and language which is innately associated with effective learning.

For Older Students

We know many of our students are preparing for upper level schools or universities, so we make sure they are confident in their writing abilities. We use leveled writing curriculum to teach students the five steps of the writing process. By building foundational skills for writing, we equip students to communicate through different writing styles and ability levels.


Writing genres taught and practiced include:

  • informative/explanatory

  • narrative

  • opinion/argument

  • transactional


Students will have the opportunity to learn and practice different writing genres at four developmental writing levels; beginning, early developing, developing, and fluent. Progression through our leveled courses ensures that our students have the knowledge and tools they need to effectively communicate through written English. These writing lessons are coupled and supported with continued reading comprehension, vocabulary development, and grammar review. 


Do you want to offer your students and parents a unique English learning opportunity? We collaborate with International schools to help support their students in succeeding!
We provide English language group and 1:1 classes. Let us provide classes to match your school's academic calendar and create a new, fun, and convenient way you bring learning opportunities to your school community.  

English Language Tutoring for Adults

Language learning can start at any age and is often a life-long journey.  We offer classes for adult learners at any point in their English learning journey.  Our adult classes are 1:1 sessions with experienced English teachers who tailor lessons to individual learning goals.  Whether you want to build your conversation skills or practice for a job interview in English, English tutoring sessions with our teachers can help you reach your English language learning goals.  

-Sara, parent

“My son's teacher is an absolutely great instructor who listens and engages my son during the session."

Gajin, student

"My teacher is always energetic, and seh teaches students as diligently as possible.  Studying and talking with her, I could learn not only numerous amount of knowledge, but also some tips for getting along with others."

JH, student

“It's not like my other English classes.  I have fun learning with this teacher.".”
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