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Updated: May 17, 2023

Bring your child to the next level of speaking, reading and writing in English

We are introducing a whole new level of English learning to children via the computer with a live interactive teacher in order to produce critical thinkers competent in reasoning and multicultural social interactions. Our students will present themselves with confidence both orally and through written communication, giving them a competitive edge for their future. At English ConnectEd we use our Red Apple English Education Program, which is based on the 6+1 Trait Writing Program. The 6+1 Writing Program was designed by the US Department of Education to be used as the standard learning and evaluation tool in schools specifically for writing. Our Red Apple English Education Program offers the 6+1 Trait Writing Program with a few adjustments to better meet the needs of our students learning English. It comprises of a personalized writing and English language program that goes beyond the basics, giving our students a competitive edge.

Our highly qualified teachers provide personal, structured, small group instruction to help students improve their reading, writing and grammar. Our unique model of instruction uses a variety of effective teaching methods to expand your child’s ability to communicate in English through practical writing and speaking lessons. We also help students become critical thinkers competent in reasoning and multicultural social interactions giving them confidence with their oral and writtenEnglish language skills.

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

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