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Creating Inclusive Magic: Sensory-Friendly DIY Christmas Activities for Kids

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

The holiday season is a time of joy and wonder, especially for children. For those who experience sensory sensitivities, it's essential to create a Christmas environment that celebrates inclusivity and comfort. In this blog post, we'll explore a collection of sensory-friendly DIY Christmas activities that will allow every child to participate in the festive fun with ease.

Soft and Cozy DIY Stockings:

Start by making sensory-friendly stockings using soft, tactile fabrics. Allow your child to choose the material, ensuring it's comfortable to touch. Add texture with fabric paint or sew on different fabric patches for a personalized and sensory-friendly holiday stocking.

Gentle Jingle Bell Bracelets:

Craft jingle bell bracelets using soft, stretchy materials. Thread jingle bells onto elastic cords, creating a wearable accessory that adds a festive touch without overwhelming auditory stimulation. Adjust the number of bells to suit your child's comfort level.

Calming Snow Globe Sensory Jars:

Create a sensory-friendly snow globe experience with calming sensory jars. Fill clear jars with water, glitter, and a drop of glycerin for slower movement. Let your child choose small, non-threatening holiday figurines to add to the jar, creating a mesmerizing, soothing visual experience.

Tactile Christmas Tree Collage:

Develop a tactile Christmas tree collage using various textures. Cut out tree shapes from different fabrics, such as felt or velvet. Allow your child to explore different textures and attach them to a large piece of cardboard, creating a sensory-friendly, touchable holiday masterpiece.

Aromatherapy Ornaments:

Engage the sense of smell by creating aromatherapy ornaments. Shape salt dough into holiday figures and add a few drops of calming essential oils before baking. Hang these scented ornaments around the house, providing a subtle and soothing aroma.

Soft Light Luminaries:

Craft luminaries using soft, diffused lighting. Place battery-operated tea lights inside opaque containers, such as decorated paper bags or frosted jars. These soft lights provide a cozy and visually calming atmosphere during the holiday evenings.

Sensory-Friendly Christmas Card Collage:

Instead of traditional card-making, create a sensory-friendly Christmas card collage. Use soft and textured materials, such as cotton balls, fabric scraps, and smooth paper. Allow your child to explore and arrange these materials on cardstock, creating a unique, tactile holiday card.

Gentle Tinsel Touch Wall Hanging:

Craft a gentle tinsel touch wall hanging using soft materials. Attach tinsel to a lightweight frame covered with a soft fabric. This DIY decoration adds a festive touch without the overwhelming feel of traditional tinsel.

This holiday season, make your Christmas celebrations sensory-friendly with these inclusive DIY activities. By incorporating soft textures, gentle sounds, and calming visuals, you create an environment where every child can experience the magic of Christmas comfortably. Embrace the uniqueness of each child, and watch as your DIY creations bring joy and inclusion to the holiday festivities. Wishing you and your family a warm and sensory-friendly holiday season!

Photo by PC Jonathan Borba Unsplash

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