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Finding the Perfect Speech Therapist

Updated: May 17, 2023

Finding the perfect Speech Therapist can be a daunting task, especially if you are living in a foreign country where the system and the language are different and confusing. Maybe you had an amazing Speech Therapist back home, or maybe your child received Speech services through the schools, so you didn't have to give it much thought.

When looking for a Speech Therapist for your child take some time to think about what your child's needs are.

Is your child busy and active and always moving? Is your child shy and doesn't like to speak with strangers? Does your child have specific interests? Is your child easy or difficult to motivate?

What goals is your child working on? Do you feel those goals are appropriate? Would you want to change them or keep them the same? Maybe you're not sure what your child should be working on, or maybe they've never had Speech Therapy before, but you feel they may benefit from it.

Keep in mind that depending on where you look for services, the providers may have to follow certain qualifiers. Often in the schools, a formal Speech and Language evaluation is mandatory, and a certain qualifying score is necessary for them to provide Speech Therapy. They may also be restricted in what goals they are allowed to work on with your child. In private practice, therapists often have more flexibility in working on Speech and Language issues that are not quite as pronounced or school related.

Regardless of where you find Speech and Language services, all Speech Therapists must follow ethical guidelines such as privacy rules, like not sharing information with a third party unless requested in writing. Speech Therapists must act in the best interest of their client (your child) and provide data that shows that the child is making progress. If no progress is being made, often a different goal may be needed.

Speech Therapy can make a HUGE difference in your child's life, and the sooner you can get help for your child, the better! We hope you give us the opportunity to work with your child, but regardless, we wish you the best of luck in finding your amazing Speech Therapist - we know she or he is out there!

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