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Virtual Therapy for Young Children

Updated: May 17, 2023

Virtual Therapy for young children, also known as teletherapy, might be difficult to imagine. My child is too young to use a mouse, you might be thinking, or my child is just a baby and can't sit at a table or interact with someone over the computer. That's OK! Virtual Therapy doesn't have to be all computer based activities.

A Speech Therapist can guide a parent or caregiver during the therapy session. As a Speech Therapist, this is my favorite way to do therapy for young children. It means I'm training the parent to work with their own child, and that the parent is more likely to remember and use the same techniques throughout the day, which means more progress more quickly!

Speech Therapy activities can happen anywhere you can bring your computer or tablet! Put your device on the floor, so the therapist can see you and your young child playing with toys. The therapist can guide you on how best to play with your child to elicit language and encourage communication. Take your device into the kitchen to do a cooking activity, a great way to work on vocabulary, following directions, sensory issues...etc.

Your device, and therefore your therapist, can join you and your child anywhere, even outside. Some children with sensory issues communicate more when they are swinging, playing in the sandbox, pushing, pulling or hanging from a bar. Your therapist can show you how to get the most language out of physical activities.

Consultation might be another productive way to work with your Speech Therapist. You can discuss situations or concerns you have about your child and your therapist can offer practical advice and techniques for you to use.

Don't let age or ability stop you from getting your child the help they need. Teletherapy can be a creative and flexible means of receiving Speech Therapy for your child regardless of age or ability!

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