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5 Fun Activities to Boost Language Learning

Updated: May 17, 2023

Whether your child struggles with a language delay, is learning two or more languages or you just want to give them a language boost, there are many fun ways to encourage language learning at home.

1. Bake a cake, or really any baking project that includes following directions is a great language activity. Make sure to read the recipe all the way through with your child, or have them read it if they can read. Then ask them what to do first, second, next, last. Sequencing is an important skill used in conversation, story telling and writing, as well as following directions from a teacher or a textbook.

2. Read a book or watch TV and then talk about the story. Ask your child WH questions. What happened? Who is your favorite character? Why? How did it happen? When and Where? Encourage your child to talk more about it. Can you tell me more?

3. Going for a walk. Often getting out and moving gets people talking. Talk about what you're seeing, friends, plans or really anything. Ask questions and encourage them to ask questions. Use descriptive words and allow your child time to talk.

4. Make up a story together. This is a super fun activity I love to do with my kids. Take turns, you can either each say a word or a sentence, for example, Mom, "Once upon a time there was a dog..." Child, "the dog had a spaceship!" Keep the story going, get silly and have fun!

5. Play riddle or guessing games. "I'm thinking of something that has four legs and purrs, can you guess what it is?" Let them also think of something and then describe it. Describing things can be very difficult and they may need your help on figuring out what is important information to share when describing an item.

Children learn best when they're having fun, so make language activities easy enough so they can be successful, but difficult enough so they don't get bored.

Photo by Benjamin Manley on Unsplash

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