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What is ESA and Class Wallet?

The ESA program is an educational choice program in Arizona that provides parents with public funds to cover the cost of various educational expenses for their children, including private school tuition, homeschooling expenses, tutoring, and other approved educational services.

Class Wallet is a financial management platform used by the Arizona Department of Education to administer and track the funds distributed through the ESA program.

Class Wallet serves as a centralized system for managing ESA funds and allows parents to make payments directly to approved vendors for educational services and expenses.

It provides a user-friendly interface for parents to access their ESA accounts, view available balances, submit reimbursement requests, and track transactions. The platform also offers reporting features to help parents monitor their spending and stay in compliance with program requirements.

In order to participate in the ESA program in Arizona, evaluations are typically required for eligibility. These evaluations are conducted to determine if a student meets the eligibility criteria for the program.

Here at Virtually ConnectEd we offer virtual evaluations as well as special education programs. We are official ESA and Class Wallet vendors.

Below are links for additional information regarding ESA and Class Wallet:

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